Procedure: Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)

Treatment performed by consultant  plastic surgeon Mr Peter Arnstein

Aimee was bolted from her horse at the age of 9 and her nose was broken along with other facial injuries. It never really recovered properly and she suffered a little bullying at school making her upset.


Her mum was keen to show her that it was not something she just had to live with and booked a consultation with Peter Arnstein when Aimee was 13. Peter suggested that they wait until she was 16 but Aimee decided to go ahead with her rhinoplasty just after her 15th birthday.


Once healed there was an unbelievable change in Aimee’s confidence and outlook on life and her mum even said it had changed her life. On a holiday to America, Aimee was scouted by a modelling agency and has since returned to America to engage in negotiations with them, although she is looking for modelling work in the UK as logistically it will be easier. This would never have been achievable for her before her surgery as her confidence was so low.

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