Breast Asymmetry

Uneven breasts are very common and although many women live quite happily with a small difference in size, some women find the diffence in size too large causing them distress. At McIndoe our consultant plastic surgeons treat breast asymmetry regularly, giving women back their confidence...

Breast asymmetry means that one breast is bigger than the other one. Whilst this difference can be small, it can also mean the difference of a couple of cup sizes, making it difficult to find underwear, perhaps causing confidence and intimacy issues.

If your breasts are fairly large and one is noticably different from the other, a unilateral breast reduction may be advised to balance up the breasts. Or a breast reduction or a breast uplift can even up the breasts nicely, as the consultant will take varying volumes of fat and tissue from each breasts to create a more even and youthful shape.

Sometimes it occurs that one breast has not developed as much as the other, and while you may be happy with the size and shape of one breast the other is too small. You may be advise on a breast implant in the smaller breast to even them up.

There are various different ways to treat breast asymmetry, and only after a thorough consultation with one of our consultant plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons will you be advised of the best options for you.


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