Breast Implant Removal

We are able to provide guidance and treatment for women who may wish to change their breast implants.

You may wish to change your implant through personal choice preferring either a change of size, shape or manufacturer. Or for those who may have suffered a capsular contracture causing discomfort due to the tightening of the capsule around the implant.

Implant removal

Breast implants are generally safe but will occasionally fail. If detected early enough they are relatively straight forward to remove. If the implant is left or not detected until later on, the scar tissue around the breast will continue to thicken and cause deformity and pain. If the implant has ruptured surgery is a little more complex and your surgeon will discuss this in more detail at your consultation.

What is a capsulectomy?

A capsulectomy is the surgical removal of capsular contracture around a breast implant. Capsular contracture or the formation of tight scar tissue around the implants occurs in a small percentage of  cases within the first 10 years of having the implants. There are four grades of capsular contracture.

The Baker Grades I through IV are:

•Grade I Capsular Contracture - the breast is normally soft and looks natural
•Grade II Capsular Contracture - the breast is a little firm but looks normal
•Grade III Capsular Contracture - the breast is firm and looks abnormal (visible distortion)
•Grade IV Capsular Contracture IV - the breast is hard, painful and looks abnormal (greater distortion).

We appreciate it can be a difficult and distressing time for women with suffering with painful breast implants.  We would advise you seek help as soon as possible to prevent any further distress or discomfort.

Please feel free to contact our Helpline who will be able to arrange a consultation for you with a McIndoe plastic surgeon.

Surgical Inpatients Price

Treatment Cost
Breast Capsulectomy unilateral and bilateral from £3030 to £3605
excluding implants
Breast Capsulotomy (Breast implant removal no replacement) from £2295 to £2870

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