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Having always struggled with his weight, Anthony revealed to Dr Pixie in the Embarrassing Bodies clinic that he had been bullied at school and experienced some traumatic times as a child, which led him to comfort eat and his weight ballooned over the years to 33 stone at the age of 23.

Having lost over 10 stone with his healthier approach to eating, he wanted to achieve the flat chest he had always wanted, and his first consultation with surgeon, Mr John Pereira was scheduled. The Gynaecomastia operation was a huge success and Anthony came round after the operation with the results that he wanted.

Gynaecomastia, more commonly known as ‘man boobs’ or ‘moobs’ is an excess of prominent breast tissue and is a problem many face for a number of reasons including repeated periods of weight loss or weight gain, hormone imbalance or ageing. A chest reduction procedure is a simple operation that removes the unwanted breast tissue, fat and loose skin to create a more defined chest.

If you have noticed changes in your breast area you may feel very self-conscious and it can have an effect on your mental well-being. This procedure can help to boost self esteem and restore confidence

The surgical options for gynaecomastia fit broadly into three categories: liposuction, gland excision and skin excision combined with gland excision. All of these generally require a general anaesthetic and may require an overnight stay in hospital.

Liposuction on its own is rarely effective for true gynaecomastia but may often be used in conjunction with the other techniques. Having said this, in a small number of cases it may be all that is required. It is important to have a proper assessment to help decide.

Gland excision can make a significant difference and the scarring made less visible as they can often be placed within the nipple area. However in certain cases, f there is a lot of tissue, skin also needs to be removed. This often results in either a circular scar around the nipple or possibly scars on the chest skin. As with any surgery there are potential complications and you should make sure you are aware of them as well as knowing how to look after yourself post-op.

Male chest reduction is performed under general anaesthetic and lasts around 90 minutes.

The consultant will make an incision under the arm or around the nipple. This will allow for excess skin and tissue to be removed from the area. If appropriate, liposuction can be performed to remove fat from the chest.

The operation normally requires an overnight stay at The McIndoe Centre and we recommend that a week off work is an appropriate amount of time for recovery. Rigorous exercise is not recommended for 2-3 weeks after the procedure.

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