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Daniella Peters

Before breast enlargement surgery, Daniella (aged 20) was desperately unhappy with the size of her breasts as she felt under developed and disproportionate in relation to the rest of her frame. 

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Beverley Garland

After extreme weight loss, Beverley was left with surplus, saggy skin on her arms which made her very self-conscious. Following arm lift surgery with Anita Hazari, Beverley’s confidence has returned.

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Personal trainer Olivia, had tummy tuck surgery with Nick Parkhouse after the birth of three children left her with loose skin and over-stretched muscles which couldn’t be repaired with exercise.

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As a result of major weight loss, Haydn suffered with loose skin on his chest which caused him to suffer socially and emotionally. Chest reduction surgery with Baljit Dheansa renewed his self-confidence.

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After transforming her unhealthy lifestyle and losing 7.5 stone, Cheyenne was left with excess abdominal skin which made her feel embarrassed. After surgery with Martin Jones, her confidence returned.

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