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Cosmetic surgery

Daniella Peters

Breast Enlargement

Before breast enlargement surgery, Daniella was desperately unhappy with the size of her breasts as she felt under developed and disproportionate in relation to the rest of her frame. Daniella chose to have surgery with John Pereira at The McIndoe Centre as a number of friends had recommended them to her and the locality was also a bonus.

When asked how the surgery affected her self-esteem and relationship with her body, Daniella replied, “The surgery completely changed my levels of self-esteem for the better. I feel amazing and confident in a bikini now whereas before I used to cry and cover up.” Daniella opted for a teardrop shaped implant which saw her bust size increase from a 32B to 32E/EE.

She described her experience at The McIndoe Centre as, “Absolutely amazing. Professional, caring, hygienic, efficient and as luxurious as having surgery can be.”

Sometime after having surgery, Daniella decided to transform her lifestyle after bingeing on takeaways caused her to gain two stone. She felt uncomfortable within herself and felt that she didn’t look good anymore. Daniella is back to her happy weight now and sticks to a busy gym routine to maintain her high fitness levels.

Since her surgery, Daniella has recommended John and The McIndoe Centre to everyone in her area. She said, “I’ve always had such nice compliments on my surgery. People are always so shocked when they find out that my boobs aren’t real. They look natural and most importantly they are now proportionate to the rest of my body which is just what I wanted, so thank you.”

Breast implants come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to help you enhance the profile and shape of your breasts. Whether you desire a modest boost or something more dramatic, there are many options to choose from. The first thing you want to work out is what size you're going to be. This depends on whether you're tall, short and how much breast tissue you already have.


Round breast implants are generally more suited to patients who have equally proportioned breasts and well-positioned nipples as this type of implant will enhance the already good shape of the breast. Secondly, if you are wanting more fullness at the top or an enhanced cleavage, a round implant will help to achieve this.


Teardrop implants mimic the natural shape of the breast, so the implant is flatter at the top and fuller at the bottom. If the nipple is positioned slightly lower on the breast and the proportions (height and width) are unequal, a teardrop implant can dramatically enhance the appearance of the breast by improving the shape and size of the breast.

Silicone or Saline

The silicone used to fill the implant can be in the form of a liquid or gel. Implants filled with gel are called cohesive silicone implants and have a firmer feel. Silicone implants are less likely to wrinkle and give a slightly more natural appearance. Saline implants are a salt-based, non-prosthetic implant. If the implant were to rupture the contents would be absorbed into your body, however surgery will probably be needed to remove the shell. Saline has a slightly firmer feel than silicone.

Modern implants have a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years, although if they are still in good condition at that time, there is no necessity to change them. No implant will last forever, so it is likely that further surgery and expense will be encountered at some point in the future.

The "profile" of a breast implant refers to how far the implant protrudes off your chest. Many implant manufacturers offer implants with profiles ranging from "low" to "extra-high". The ideal profile differs from patient to patient, but it is so important to take into account the proportions of your body and the result you are seeking to achieve.

In essence, if you are looking for a natural result following your breast enlargement then you’ll want to stick to a moderate profile. If you want a fuller aesthetic then higher profile implants may be more suitable.

Breast enlargement surgery commonly involves inserting breast implants behind the breast tissue, either under or over the pectoral muscle, to give a more voluptuous shape. There are several options for surgical incisions:

  • Inframammary (the natural crease underneath your breast, this is the most common)
  • Transaxillary (under your armpit)
  • Periareolar (the area around the areola, or your nipple)

Usually, a hospital stay of one or two nights is required. The surgery will be carried out under general anaesthetic and will take between 60-90 minutes. 

Breast enlargement surgery can be performed in conjunction with other breast surgery, namely breast asymmetry correction and breast uplift.

Breast Uplift

In essence, if you want to make your breasts larger and the nipple is positioned above the natural crease of the breast, implants alone could work for you. On the other hand, if the nipple is low on the chest and positioned below the natural crease of the breast, this indicates that you are more suited to breast uplift surgery. 

If your breasts are droopy, the nipple is low and you want a fuller cup size, breast uplift can be performed at the same time as breast enlargement surgery. For some patients however, it may be better to phase the procedures. This is a very complex decision which needs to be explored fully during consultation in order to come up with the most appropriate option for you. 

Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry can be corrected in a number of ways, it really depends on what look you want to achieve. In some cases a breast reduction may be performed on the larger breast to match the other smaller breast. In other patients who wish to increase their bust, breast enlargement may be performed on the smaller breast to match the larger breast. 

Breast surgery of this nature is very nuanced and requires thorough exploration during consultation. 

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How To Choose The Right Breast Implant

In this video, Consultant Plastic, Burns & Reconstructive Surgeon Baljit Dheansa discusses the various methods of deciding which implant size and shape is best for you. 

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