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Reconstructive Surgery

Tuberous breast correction

Surgery by Elena Prousskaia

My daughter was born with a severe congenital deformity called tuberous breasts. I knew she was unhappy about her breasts, but I didn't realise how bad they were until she showed me a picture one day. She broke down crying and said that she felt like a freak. To hear your daughter say this is heart breaking. I reassured her that if she wanted surgery, we would look into finding a surgeon, but we couldn't rush into it. This was harder than I thought. There are so many surgeons out there, who the hell can you actually trust to operate on your daughter? We did our research and saw a few surgeons that gave conflicting advice until finally choosing Elena Prousskaia.

First Consultation

We had the first consultation and as other patients have mentioned, Elena is so professional, warm and friendly. My twenty year old daughter was immediately put at ease. We didn't once feel rushed. She examined my daughter's breast, measured them meticulously and took photos. She took her time and explained exactly how she could correct her breasts, showed photos of past surgeries and told my daughter the options available for corrective surgery and explained thoroughly what the surgery would involve.

Second Consultation

We returned for a second consultation. Rather than be apprehensive, my daughter was excited to see Elena again. It was decided that for the best possible results, she would need a reduction in one breast, and in both breasts, an uplift, an enlargement to a full B cup and a reduction in her areolas (large areolas are common with this condition). Again, measurements were taken followed by more photos of her condition. Elena was realistic and said that that she would do the best surgery possible, that her breasts would look great, but because of my daughter's condition and the severity of it, she may not get absolute perfection with the reconstruction. The only question my daughter had by now was, when could she have the operation done?

The Operation

Fast forward to the day of the operation. Elena came along to see my daughter morning of the surgery and reassured her that she would do the best job possible. I waited anxiously and received a call from Elena later in the day. The surgery took over 4 hours in total, as it was so involved, but she told me that "she was extremely happy with the result and the surgery went even better than expected." She also said, "my daughter now had a lovely pair of boobies."


I saw my daughter later that day and as expected with the amount of surgery, she was in pain, but nothing too unbearable because Elena injected an anaesthetic into the area during surgery which wears off over the week.

The surgery has been so successful, my daughter's breasts are absolutely perfect and natural looking. We honestly didn't expect the result she has. The scarring resulting from surgery is so minimal, smooth and neat, we are astounded and Elena is also so pleased.

My daughter's personality has completely transformed. She is now so happy, vivacious and confident. She can wear the tops and bikinis she wants to without feeling like 'a freak.' She can also go out without wearing a bra because she is so perky - I wish I could!

I cannot praise or recommend Elena enough. She transformed my daughter not only on the outside, but on the inside. She is a genius in her field and in the words of my daughter, "she is the most amazing woman." (after her mum of course!).

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