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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Procedure: Jaw correction surgery inconjunction with orthodontic treatment. This was a joint procedure with Mr Ken Sneddon, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon and Orthodontist Miss Lindsay Winchester.

In September 2011 Charlotte went to her dentist as she had started to notice that her teeth were not meeting anymore and she had begun to find it difficult to eat and speak properly. It had also begun to be painful as her jaw was constantly at the wrong angle. After having sought a number of opinions Charlotte came to see Consultant Maxillofacial surgeon, Mr Ken Sneddon at The McIndoe Surgical Centre.

Mr Sneddon explained that the asymmetry and change in bite was as a result of overgrowth of one side of the jaw and that correction was possible. First it would be essential to establish that growth had ceased and that the position was stable. Treatment would involve braces to position the teeth in such a way that Mr Sneddon could then carry out surgery to re-position the jaws thus correcting her bite and facial asymmetry. Charlotte was initially surprised and perhaps a little alarmed at how much work was required to correct her problem but after considerable thought decided that she wished to pursue treatment.

Charlotte had her pre-surgical orthodontic treatment carried out by Miss Lindsay Winchester a consultant orthodontist at the McIndoe surgical centre. This phase of preparation for surgery took about eighteen months. Detailed surgical planning followed which involved CT scans to establish 3 dimensional images of her facial skeleton. Cutting edge planning software was employed to plan the precise details of her surgery and to fabricate the templates used during surgery to ensure the jaws were correctly positioned.  

Charlotte underwent orthognathic surgery involving both a Le Fort 1 and sagittal split osteotomy, which refers to both upper and lower jaws being operated on, to realign the bone and teeth and correct her facial asymmetry. She was in surgery for 6 hours.

Her operation was amazingly successful and Charlottes face is now perfectly in line with no pain or discomfort. Although the entire process took in excess of two years to complete Charlotte is delighted with the result and feels it was all worth while. 

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