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Mohamad Faris

Interventional Radiologist

Mohamad Faris FRCR MRCP MBBS BSc

Dr Mo Faris specialises in the treatment of varicose veins using the most advanced minimally invasive techniques which ensure the best results for our patients.

A leading Interventional Radiologist, Dr Faris performs clinical procedures through a tiny incision using miniature instruments guided by imaging technology like ultrasound. This means that he can treat many conditions that would once have required surgery under general anaesthetic, while the patient is fully awake.

Dr Faris uses several minimally invasive techniques to treat problem veins. One of the most popular is endovenous laser ablation (known as EVLA) which involves the use of a tiny laser. Thanks to the accuracy of the imaging guidance, the laser can precisely target the vein without affecting the surrounding tissue. This procedure has been shown to produce long lasting results and a high level of patient satisfaction.

Dr Faris is the leading Interventional Radiologist at East Sussex NHS Healthcare Trust, and the former Clinical Director.

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