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Cosmetic Surgery Continues to soar according to BAAPS and with less emphasis on artificial and more on natural enhancement

A record number of over 51,000 Britons underwent cosmetic surgery in 2015, demonstrating the public's love affair with surgical enhancement is far from over, despite any previous ‘blips’ as the economy reshaped itself. 

New data from the
British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), the only organisation solely dedicated to safety and education in cosmetic surgery, and which represents the vast majority of NHS-trained consultant plastic surgeons in private practice; revealed that the number of cosmetic operations increased by 13%.

Breast is best and the enlargement operation remains the most for popular for women with an increase of 12% on 2014. This was closely followed by eyelid surgery, face and neck lifts and breast reduction.

The most popular procedure amongst the guys was
eyelid surgery, followed by nose reshaping, chest reduction, liposuction and pinnaplasty (pinning back the ears). Although men still account for just 9% of the total though men still account for just 9% of the total number of cosmetic surgery operations in the UK, their numbers have nearly doubled over the past decade (from 2,440 procedures in 2005 to 4,614 in 2015).

Commenting on activity within his private practice in the last year, McIndoe Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Mr Baljit Dheansa commented ‘I have noticed people are attending clinic with more confidence after the financial down turn. Patients are leaning towards wanting a more natural look, rather than requesting an overly refined and enhanced look. A look that people stare and say you look amazing rather than on my goodness what have you done!’ 

With A-list celebrities such as Sharon Stone and Modern family’s Ariel Winter who openly shared she had breast reduction surgery, the openness of patients highlighting the positivity of their surgery with attractive results, attitudes are changing and women especially are feeling more encouraged to embrace aesthetic enhancement without being compared to a ‘Barbie Doll.’

Whether you wish to opt for natural and subtle or still prefer big and bold, the advice to all our patients is that surgery on the whole is life-changing and any decision to proceed should be well thought out, research undertaken and patients should have realistic and well managed expectations

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