How do I become treated as private patient?

In the majority of cases we will require a General Practitioner referral letter from your GP. This is written on your behalf to one of our consultant specialists and outlines what treatment you require, it will also include a brief medical history and some may include details of medication that they feel our consultants should be aware of before any treatment commences. On receipt of the letter, the consultant’s secretary will contact you and offer you a consultation. Once you have seen our consultant and treatment/surgery has been identified you will be contacted by the hospital and offered a date for your surgery.

For some treatments you may self refer. This is where you contact the hospital or consultant direct and ask for an appointment to be seen. Once you have been seen and treatment or surgery identified the consultant or practitioner will write to your GP as a matter of courtesy outlining what is planned for you. It is very important to keep your GP informed and sometimes they will contact the consultant or practitioner with further information that will assist them to deliver the very best of care for you