What's a pre-assessment and why do I need one?

Depending on the surgical procedure, a pre-assessment is performed to ensure it is safe for you to proceed with surgery and receive anaesthetic. Part of the pre-assessment is based on routine questions, some of which your consultant may have covered with you previously. The pre-assessment reinforces the conversation you have had with your consultant surgeon and we often find some patients have omitted to confirm all their medication, or may be taking an alternative supplement or remedy and not mentioned this previously thinking it to be of no interest. The pre-assessment team asks these questions to make sure you receive the best medical care we can offer, and it's a useful opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have been too embarrassed to ask your surgeon. A member of our pre-assessment team will contact you if we feel you should be medically assessed. They will arrange an appointment prior to your admission for routine tests such as blood tests, an ECG or a chest x-ray. During the assessment your medical history will be discussed and the relevant tests will be carried out. We will endeavour to contact all other patients with a telephone call.