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Patient Journey

Following Your Surgery

General anaesthetic procedure

Post-operatively, you will be cared for in the recovery area of the operating theatres and then returned to your room. There will be a period of close observation and your nurse will record your blood pressure and pulse at regular intervals.

Pain management

Making sure that pain is well controlled is vital to your recovery. Your pain score will be regularly assessed and the appropriate pain relief will be given. You will also take a supply of pain killers home with you and must take them regularly for the first 24 -48 hours even if you are not in pain.


After a short time depending on your surgery, you may be ready to enjoy some refreshments or a light snack.

If you have special dietary requirements or food allergies, please complete the section on your patient questionnaire.

If you are having a general anaesthetic, you will be advised by the ward hostess to choose a lighter option snack and special requirements following specific surgery will be taken into account. eg. following tooth extractions. If you would like your friends or relatives to join you for a meal please order through your ward hostess.

Visitors meals and alcoholic beverages will be charged to your personal account and are not covered by medical insurance. Tea and coffee are freely available to you, but additional refreshments for your visitors will incur extra charges.

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