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Refurbishment Programme

Latest developments at The McIndoe Centre

In 2015, The McIndoe Centre became part of Horder Healthcare and an ambitious refurbishment programme began.

In the early part of 2017 the project reached a milestone as the third fully refurbished, state-of-the-art theatre was opened. Two of the theatres have energy-efficient ultra clean ventilation canopies ideal for orthopaedic operations and other invasive surgical procedures. In December 2016, The McIndoe Centre welcomed its first orthopaedic patient. Work is continuing in the theatre recovery room to provide 6 individual recovery bays, an increase of two on the number previously available. This phase of the works will be complete and back in use by the end of February 2017.

In addition to the theatre works a new ophthalmology suite is due to be completed in mid-May. When it opens it will have its own private waiting area and feature an investigations room where patients will undergo the required diagnostic tests before the opportunity to meet with their Ophthalmologist in one of two dedicated consulting rooms. The area will also include a minor treatment room.

The next planned phase of work will see the construction of a bright and airy admissions lounge where we can admit patients who are having minor procedures and do not necessarily require the use of a of a hospital bed. This will allow us the flexibility to better match our resources to the individual needs or our patients. At the same time we are redesigning our outpatient area to provide an extra four consulting rooms.

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