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Refurbishment Programme

Progress report August'16 - The McIndoe Centre Refurbishment

Work in the first year has seen the continued planning of the refurbishment and reconfiguration programme to improve efficiency.

Alongside this planning, activity on the ground has so far delivered:

X-ray suite

A new x-ray suite, reducing the need to transfer patients to the adjacent Queen Victoria Hospital for imaging and thereby improving the accessibility of images for care and diagnosis.

First operating theatre

The first of three operating theatres which has been completely refurbished with an ultra-clean ventilation canopy of the latest design, integrated electronic systems for patient care and for recording and sharing images from theatre for education, training and audit purposes. Finishes and components are compatible with the best current standards and practices. Work on the second theatre is well under way and the third planned and contracted to continue thereafter. Theatre storage, flows and facilities are all being improved during the works.

Main Reception

Redecoration of main reception and the provision of new furniture. 

Other areas updates

  • Improvements to external works and services to improve the safety of pedestrians and the availability of parking and setting down spaces for patients  and  visitors.
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