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Refurbishment Programme

The McIndoe Centre embarks on a refurbishment programme

We are about to embark on an ambitious project to totally refurbish The McIndoe Centre, in East Grinstead.

The hospital has been recently purchased by award winning independent healthcare charity Horder Healthcare, based at Crowborough. The acquisition forms part of a strategic vision to extend their reach, to identify the healthcare needs within communities and work collaboratively, with others to provide them with those much needed services.

Our plan is to safeguard the proud history of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery for which The McIndoe Centre is held in such high regard by providing a bright, new and functional environment allowing patients the appropriate levels of comfort, privacy and dignity to ensure their visit to hospital is as pleasant as possible.  Allied to this will be the introduction of an increased range of general surgical procedures with the particular emphasis being in orthopaedic surgery

In order to introduce these new services we need to upgrade significant parts of the hospital infrastructure such as the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems which serve the Theatre complex.  Each theatre is being designed to permit the unfettered movement of lights, equipment and instruments to allow total flexibility and ease of access for the operating surgeon, anaesthetist and theatre staff.  Fully integrated high resolution screens will allow surgeons to see pictures of the procedure in process as well as diagnostic images taken pre operatively to help ensure the best possible procedural outcomes for the patient.

Whilst we are upgrading theatres we will also be building a full X-ray suite including space for ultrasound.  Work will then follow through to redesign the layout of the outpatient department to include an upgrade to the consulting and minor treatment rooms.  We plan to introduce a number of sub waiting areas geared towards improving the overall patient experience.

As the project continues, the ward bedrooms will receive a full makeover in order to provide a clean, calm and comforting environment for patients in which to recover from their surgery.

All of the building work will take place whilst the hospital remains open for business. 

Because of this it is important that the chosen building contractor is sensitive to this and understands the need to create as little dust, noise and disruption as possible during the refurbishment programme.  We have chosen a company called BBS to carry out the main works and they come with a good pedigree having been the company that carried out the refurbishment of the Horder Centre at Crowborough.  Their good work and considerate behaviour as a contractor has been rewarded with the contract to refurbish The McIndoe Centre.

The phased nature of the rebuild combined with the need to keep the hospital functioning will mean that it will take up to 4 years to complete the majority of the planned works. All prospective patients should be aware that this building programme is in progress but they should also be assured that the refurbishment project team are working hard to minimise any disruption and noise these works may cause.

We will provide regular updates with pictures and progress details of the rebuild as the project proceeds.  Please feel free to contact The McIndoe Centre should you have any specific questions or concerns.

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