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Patient Journey

Going Home

Your consultant will tell you when you are ready to go home. A certificate for work can be arranged by your nurse.

When you are ready to leave your room, please inform the nurse who will escort you to front reception. If you need help with baggage this will be arranged.

You will be given a discharge summary to hand to your GP outlining the nature of procedure performed, the drugs you have been prescribed and any follow – up treatment or appointments that you may require.

Please also remember to collect any medications and x-rays that you originally brought in from the nursing staff. If you or your family have any concerns or would like advice about your plans for being discharged from the hospital please discuss this with the nursing staff.


Your consultant will advise you of your post-operative instructions and may provide you with written instructions. If you do not understand them please do not hesitate to ask.

Should your consultant prescribe drugs for you to take home, we can provide these for you. Please note that a charge for each item will be made. If you are an insured patient you are advised to check with your medical insurance policy as to whether take home drugs will be covered or not.

You may prefer to stock up on your pain killer of choice and have it at home ready for your use; it must be taken regularly for the first 24-48 hours after discharge.


You should not attempt to drive a car within 48 hours of having a general anaesthetic. If you have been unable to find someone to drive you, the receptionist can arrange a taxi although the charge for transport will be your responsibility and is not covered by medical insurance.

Following your discharge from hospital

Following a general anaesthesia your judgement may be affected. Anaesthetics can sometimes cause nausea, vomiting, drowsiness or dizziness. Therefore you should take the following advice for the 48 hour period after discharge:

  •     Do not drive a car
  •     Do not climb ladders, operate machinery or operate anything requiring skill or judgement
  •     Do not take any sleeping tablets
  •     Only drink alcohol in moderation
  •     Do not make any vital decisions or sign legal documents

If you have any concerns or queries following discharge please phone the hospital on 01342 330300 and ask for the ward who can advise and/or liaise with your consultant.

Follow-up telephone call

This call is made to all day patients, approximately 24 hours following discharge, by a member of the ward nursing staff. This call is made so that patient progress/recovery can be monitored and any questions can be answered by the nurse.

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