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Guide Price Information

Guide Price Information

At The McIndoe Centre we believe in transparent pricing and for our patients to have all the information they require to make an informed choice about any procedure or treatment they may be considering. Our prices will include the cost of the surgeon to perform your surgery, the anaesthetic fee and the hospital charges associated with your procedure(s). The McIndoe ‘Patient Promise’ assures all self-pay patients of our on-going commitment to delivering the highest standards of patient care and satisfaction. This extends to the unlikely event of a patient requiring revision procedure, which could be carried out free-of-charge. The promise is valid up to 24 months following the date of the procedure. Please note that the revision procedure does not include cases of patient dis-satisfaction due to the results of the procedure undertaken. If a complication should arise then please make an appointment to see your consultant. The prices quoted below can only be treated as a guide price until you have been seen by a McIndoe Consultant and had a thorough medical consultation. The cost of an appointment to see a qualified surgeon when booked through the McIndoe Helpline is £90.00. Only when you have had a consultation can your consultant surgeon truly understand what you would like to achieve and discuss with you how this can be achieved. Please note where a patient requires more than one procedure the second and subsequent procedures will be offered at a reduced cost. Breast / Chest Surgery Treatment Treatment Length Cost Breast Enlargement (augmentation/enhancement) 1 night stay from £3995including standard round breast implants Breast Capsulectomy 1 night stay from £3205 to £4050including standard round implants Breast Capsulotomy 1 night stay from £2195 to £2785 Breast Uplift (mastopexy) 1/2 night stay from £4045 to £4830 Breast Reduction bilateral 1/2 night stay from £3490 to £5445 Male chest reduction 1 night stay from £4075 Facial surgery Treatment Treatment Length Cost Brow Lift (endobrow) 1 night from £3565excludes implants Eyelid surgery 2 lids (blepharoplasty) Day from £2450 to £2960 Eyelid surgery 4 lids (blepharoplasty) Day 1 night stay from £4035 to £4205 Ear reshaping (pinnaplasty) Day from £2455 - £3060 Face lift 2 night stay from £5950Additional procedures such as eyelid surgery, nose shaping, neck lifting may also be required following consultation. This will be quoted on an individual basis. Neck lift 1 night stay from £4535 Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) 1 night stay from £3950   Body Treatment Treatment Length Cost Arm reduction (brachioplasty) 1 night stay from £4130 Liposuction Day /1 night stay from £2375 to £5800Cost will be dependent on the number of sites required Thigh Lift 1 night stay from £5810 Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) 2 night stay from £5960 ranging to £9750for surgery following extreme bariatric weight loss Gastric Band Surgery from £5950 Hernia Repair (laparoscopic) from £2100 Procedures available as an Out Patient Treatment Face Treatment Cost Meibomian cysts (cyst on inside of the eyelid) from £134 Laser trabeculoplasty for patients with glaucoma or ocular hypertension from £360 to £599GP or Optometrist referral required Earlobe surgery for torn, split or enlarged earlobes from £450 to £575 Mouth lesionsIncluding white patches in the mouth(leukoplakia) salivary gland problems, tongue lesions Up to 3 £384 up to 6 £580Price excludes histology/biopsy, the cost of which will range from £250 - £500 in addition to the above quoted price range. Tooth / Root removal from £265 to £805depending on number of extractions required. Breast / Chest Treatment Cost Nipple surgery – inverted nipple, reconstruction following mastectomy (excludes tattoo cost) from £1150 Body Treatment Cost Removal of skin lesions, moles, sebaceous cyst, blocked sweat glands, lipomas, fatty lumps, xanthelasma(white calcium deposits around the eye) Up to 3 £384up to 6 £580Price excludes histology/biopsy, the cost of which will range from £250 - £500 in addition to the above quoted price range. Labial reduction from £1900 Scar revision from £550 to £1150dependant on site and location of scar Tattoo removal from £850-£1400dependant on skin and location of tattoo  

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