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Guide Price Information

At The McIndoe Centre we believe in transparent pricing and for our patients to have all the information they require to make an informed choice about any procedure or treatment they may be considering.

Our prices will include the cost of the surgeon to perform your surgery, the anaesthetic fee and the hospital charges associated with your procedure(s).

We now offer finance options so you can spread the cost of your surgery. 

The McIndoe ‘Patient Promise’ assures all self-pay patients of our on-going commitment to delivering the highest standards of patient care and satisfaction. This extends to the unlikely event of a patient requiring revision procedure, which could be carried out free-of-charge.

The promise is valid up to 24 months following the date of the procedure. If the results of your surgery meet the consultants' expectation, any revision surgery will be chargeable at the prevailing rates by the hospital and the consultants. If a complication should arise then please make an appointment to see your consultant. 

The prices quoted below can only be treated as a guide price until you have been seen by a McIndoe Consultant and had a thorough medical consultation. The cost of an appointment to see a qualified surgeon (the initial consultation) when booked through the McIndoe Helpline is £110*. Only when you have had a consultation can your consultant surgeon truly understand what you would like to achieve and discuss with you how this can be achieved. Please note where a patient requires more than one procedure the second and subsequent procedures will be offered at a reduced cost.

The initial consultation cost is correct as of 26th May 2017.


Arm lift (brachioplasty) 1 night stay £4130
Labiaplasty Day £2450
Liposuction Day /1-2 night(s) stay from £2475 to £5930
Removal of skin lesions or moles from £410 to £610
Scar revision from £560 to £1225
Surgical tattoo removal £850
Thigh Lift 1 night stay £5940
Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) 1 to 3 night stay from £4665 to £7945

Breast/Chest Surgery

Breast Capsulectomy 1 night stay from £3605 to £4255
Breast Enlargement/Augmentation 1 night stay from £3505 to £4155
Breast Implant Removal 1 night stay from £2520 to £3150
Breast Reduction 1/2 night stay from £3595 to £5865
Breast Uplift (mastopexy) 1/2 night stay from £4150 to £5440
Breast Uplift and Enlargement 2 nights stay £7412
Male chest reduction (gynaecomastia) 1 night stay £4390

Eye Surgery

Cataract Removal Daycase from £2500 to £3570
Cornea Treatment 1 night stay £4500
Entropion and Ectropion Repair Daycase £3020
Implantable contact lenses Daycase £3750
Intravitreal Injection for Macular Degeneration Daycase £1150
Refractive lens exchange Daycase £3750

Facial surgery

Brow Lift (endobrow) 1 night £3920
Ear reshaping (pinnaplasty) Day from £2560 to £3105
Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) Day /1 night stay from £2555 to £4635
Facelift (Rhytidectomy) 2 nights stay from £6080 to £7480
Necklift 1 night stay from £4835 to £5235
Nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) 1 night stay from £3910 to £4305
Pinnaplasty £1925

Vein Treatments

Endovenous Laser treatment from £2300 to £3000
Endovenous laser treatment combined with ultrasound guided sclerotherapy from £2700 to £3600
Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy from £800 to £1200
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