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Horder Healthcare purchases McIndoe Surgical Centre

Award winning independent healthcare charity Horder Healthcare has purchased Mclndoe Surgical Centre. In order to maintain the links to Mclndoe’s prestigious heritage and to ensure that it is future facing, the hospital will now be known as The Mclndoe Centre, part of Horder Healthcare. Horder Healthcare is proud to welcome such a highly respected specialist in maxillofacial, plastic reconstruction surgery and ophthalmology.

Horder Healthcare is a charity, founded in 1954, whose purpose is to advance health. Last year Horder Healthcare celebrated 60 proud years of making a positive difference to people’s lives.

Horder Healthcare’s  Chief Executive Di Thomas said: “The reason for embarking on this new venture is to extend the reach of our charity. There are many synergies between Mclndoe and Horder Healthcare. Both organisations share a similar ethos of high standards in patient care and are centres of excellence in their respective fields. We plan to work in partnership with the local community and clinicians to enhance the services currently provided at The Mclndoe Centre. In time we will develop further specialist services such as elective orthopaedics.

The Mclndoe Centre is now fully owned by Horder Healthcare. It is situated adjacent to the renowned Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, East Grinstead. Horder Healthcare and Queen Victoria Hospital are in early discussions to identify opportunities and where appropriate, work collaboratively. Our aim is to enable each organisation to achieve their respective strategic aims, to the benefit of the communities our organisations serve. Richard Tyler, Chief Executive of Queen Victoria Hospital said: “We welcome Horder Healthcare to our healthcare campus and wish them well in their endeavours”.

The Mclndoe Centre, part of Horder Healthcare will continue to provide patients with the excellent care they are already receiving and expect. There will be no changes to the hospital that will impact on patients current or pre-booked treatments.

To find out about more about this positive development please contact The Mclndoe Centre on 0800 917 4922 or visit our website www. horderhealthcare.co.uk.

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