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Laura S.

Procedure : Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)

Treatment performed by consultant plastic surgeon Mr Mark Pickford


I had this surgery because I was fed up with people thinking my nose had been broken in the past. 


When I woke up from the operation it actually didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, it was more of an aching pain from the weight of the cast. It was uncomfortable at night as I had to sleep sitting up for two weeks. I had the cast on for a week and plasters on for another week. I was then told to be very careful for 6 weeks as that's how long the bones take to 'set'. I only had black eyes for 2 days!

I felt that my nose continued changing very slightly for 2 months after the surgery where swelling was going down and bones were fusing and now I feel amazing, it’s more than I ever hoped for. I love how it looks and I gained the confidence I needed.


If I could go back I wouldn't have wanted to change a thing. My surgeon was the best, the hospital was brilliant and they looked after me a lot, the recovery was better than I thought and the end result is perfect! I'm still smiling about it.

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