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Breast Enlargement


Procedure : Breast Enlargement (breast augmentation)

Treatment performed by consultant plastic surgeon Mr Mark Pickford

Comment from Laura as to why she chose to her breast surgery

Growing up I always hated my shape, I felt like I wasn’t a real woman like my friends as they all had breasts and I didn’t. I was so self-conscious that I wouldn’t change in front of people for PE at school instead I would go and hide in the toilets. I had no confidence at all because I was so different. I would always get teased all through school, college and even work and would get called names such as man, fried eggs, flat chest.


I decided that I wanted to finally feel confident in my own body and be able to buy the clothes and underwear I had  always wanted rather than just the ones with the most padding. I love my new breast  they have given me so much confidence I can’t stop buying underwear and bikinis and lots of new clothes to show them off. My friends always comment on my new confidence and how happy I am, now I pose for the camera rather than hide behind it.

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