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Tummy Tuck


Procedure : Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

Treatment performed by consultant plastic surgeon Mr Sam Orkar


Lynsey always struggled with her weight since her teens and found herself steadily piling on the pounds. Deciding enough was enough, she joined slimming world and lost an impressive 8 stone over the course of 6 years but this left her with an overhang of skin on her stomach and a bulging pubis. This has caused immeasurable confidence problems for her in her relationship and self esteem and was painful as the skin rubbed together and became sore where it overhung.


Lynsey applied to go on Embarrassing Bodies where they contacted The McIndoe Centre and made arrangements for Mr Samuel Orkar, a consultant plastic surgeon there, to see Lynsey and discuss her options. Needing to lose a little more weight Lynsey saw a hypnotist who helped her lose a further 3 stone through virtual gastric band hypnosis.


In January 2011 Lynsey’s dream came true and she underwent an apronectomy to remove the excess skin that had plagued her and the result was fantastic.


“It changed my life” she said and also told us that she had only applied to become a Slimming World Consultant after her surgery as she finally had the body confidence to stand up in front of other people.

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