Tummy Tuck


Procedure : Reconstructive surgery / Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck)

Treatment performed by consultant plastic surgeon Mr Peter Arnstein


Marion had managed to lose an extreme amount of weight. Her new body was a delight to her except for the overhanging belly the weight loss had left behind which could not be shifted with exercise alone.


After spending a long time researching the tummy tuck procedure, Marion opted for surgery in Belgium to try and keep costs down. This was a decision she would come to regret after living through one of the most traumatic times of her life.


Suffice to say the surgery went horribly wrong and aftercare was non-existent. Mr Peter Arnstein from The McIndoe Centre, offered to assist Channel 4 with their new show – The Ugly Face of Beauty – and offered to help try and restore Marion’s tummy in an effort to make her feel less self-conscious about how she had been left after surgery abroad.


Marion said, “My confidence grew very much after I had had the reconstructive surgery. Just about three months after my surgery I joined a dating site. This is something I would not have dreamed of doing prior to the surgery. I met the man of my dreams and we are now happily married. Thank you Peter! You instilled confidence in me at my very first consultation; you were reassuring, warm, sympathetic and so knowing. All my questions were answered and all doubts erased. I was checked out from top to toe at my pre-admission, my surgery went well and the aftercare at the McIndoe Centre was absolutely fantastic. I felt safe.”

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