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McIndoe Plastic Surgeon removes ex-boyfriend’s name tattoo on Bodyshockers

Tania Cubison, a consultant plastic surgeon at The McIndoe Centre, was featured on the Channel 4 programme Bodyshockers on January 13, when Tania helped the bride-to-be Ruth Cheswright by removing the tattoo of her ex-boyfriend’s name across her chest.

Not wanting to walk down the aisle with her ex-boyfriend’s name on show for her friends and family to see, Ruth took the drastic decision to have the tattoo cut out rather than having laser treatments, which are only effective gradually over multiple treatments.

Speaking to the Courier this week, Plastic surgeon Tania Cubison said: “The most common issue is a name of a previous partner that the patient would prefer not to keep on display. Tattoo removal is probably more common now simply because more people have tattoos."

Ruth in the show had a large chest tattoo to cover a relatively small piece of writing. The surgery that was performed removed the central area of her chest tattoo where the name was, so although a significant amount of the tattoo remained, this no longer contained the name. This gave her a significant amount of psychological relief.

She added that the growing availability of removal treatments has helped to give tattoo fans the idea that getting a tattoo isn’t forever. 

The increased publicity of laser treatment also gives the impression tattoos don’t need to be permanent,” Tania said. “The reality is tattoos are difficult to remove and the process of laser removal will never return the skin to its original unmarked state. With surgery, the tattoo is simply cut out and the skin pulled together and the area normally heals well in a couple of weeks.

You can read East Grinstead Courier's article by clicking here.

Tania Cubison recently was on 105Uckfiled FM talking about unwanted tattoos and tattoo removal, you can listen to the interview by clicking here.


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