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Patient Journey

Medical and Nursing Care

While you are in hospital, you will be looked after by a team of highly trained professionals. Your consultant, who arranged your admission, will be in charge of your clinical care. Supporting the consultant is a resident medical officer (RMO), who is on site 24 hours a day. The ward is staffed by qualified nurses and health care assistants and in addition, your care is supported by a pharmacist and physiotherapist.

Shortly after being shown to your room, a member of our nursing team will complete your personal admission assessment. The nurse will discuss your individual requirements with you and assist you with the necessary preparations. You will also meet the consultant and anaesthetist, who will ask you to sign a consent form.

The nurse will check your pulse, blood pressure, and temperature and ask you to provide a urine sample for analysis. You will be asked if you have any allergies and be given an identity band to wear.

Please note that the time between your admission and your operation will depend on the number of patients on your consultants operating list. We would appreciate your understanding should delays or changes be necessary and our nursing staff will endeavour to keep you informed.

Ophthalmic and maxillo facial lists can often run late as they are very specialised and busy. If the time of return to the ward from recovery is delayed in the evening then obviously, it makes more sense for the patient to stay over night at no extra cost rather than travelling very late.

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