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Have you got a special occasion coming up?

Whatever our age most of us want to look the best we possibly can for that special occasion, be it a special birthday, wedding day or exotic holiday... and planning is key.

Whilst some enhancements can be achieved relatively simply through a change of hair style, make up tips or dieting, there are others which require more thought and planning and surgery is certainly one of those!

So, if cosmetic surgery is on your wish list then we would urge you to start your research sooner rather than later. The last thing you want to be doing is making hasty decisions without proper time to reflect and comprehend what that decision means to you.

Cosmetic surgery should be planned well in advance with your surgeon and you should have a cleSavear understanding of what’s involved and how long recovery is likely to be. You should be confident with your surgeon, hospital and be clear what is involved. Approached in a sensible manner cosmetic surgery can be incredibly rewarding and confidence boosting; rushed it can leave you feeling completely miserably and desperately unhappy.

We would advise anyone with dates in the diaries for the summer wanting a cosmetic procedure to make sure they have an appointment with a McIndoe Consultant to discuss their options

Further information on procedures, consultants, free information events and guide prices can be found on our website or you can call Debbie on 0800 917 4922.

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