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Breast Enlargement and Augmentation for London Patients

Based in West Sussex, The McIndoe Centre specialises in breast augmentation surgery and has become home to some of the most prestigious plastic surgeons in the world. Our team of specialists are here to ensure that you receive the best service and treatment required to get you back on your feet.

We offer breast augmentation surgery to patients across the UK and have slowly begun building a strong reputation in London due to our growing popularity. If you are considering breast surgery, then call us today to arrange a consultation.

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation (often referred to as a ‘boob job’ or ‘breast aug’) involves using breast implants to increase the size and appearance of your breasts. Additionally, the procedure can also restore your breasts’ previous volume and shape after weight loss or pregnancy.

What does Breast Augmentation Involve?

The breast augmentation procedure commonly involves carefully inserting implants (usually silicone) behind the breast tissue, either under of over the pectoral muscle. The aim of the procedure is to give the breasts a more voluptuous appearance. There a few options for surgical incisions, here are the most common:

  • Inframammary (the natural crease underneath your breast, this is the most common)
  • Transaxillary (under your armpit)
  • Periareolar (the area around the areola, or your nipple)

The type of procedure – or more specifically incision – you undertake depends on the type of surgery you’re suitable for. However, your McIndoe specialist will outline and discuss with you in detail your options.

Common Reasons for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Many of our customers who travel from London to our clinic in West Sussex opt for breast augmentation for aesthetic reasons. The majority of our patients are women who have gone through the stressful bodily changes of pregnancy.

Other common reasons why women undergo breast augmentation may be because of:

  • Weight loss
  • Having small breasts
  • Wanting a more youthful appearance

However, while there are many reasons a patient may opt for breast augmentation, it is important to remember that the surgery and subsequent results depends entirely on the individual patient. However, you will have the opportunity to discuss your surgery options in detail with one of our world-renowned specialists.

Different Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery

While the breast augmentation procedures rarely change in technique, there are different implant types.

For example, we offer

  1. Silicone gel implants

Silicone can come in the form of either a liquid or a gel. Silicone implants filled with the gel form are called cohesive silicone implants and they usually have a firmer feel. The benefit of silicone implants is that they are far less likely to wrinkle and people claim that they have a slightly more natural appearance.

  1. Saline implants

The main difference between saline and silicone implants is that saline is a salt-based, non-prosthetic implant. However, if the implant were to rupture, the contents would be absorbed into the body. While this is not a major health concern, surgery may be required to remove the shell of the implant.

  1. B-Lite

The B-Lite gel is cohesive and has a reduced density which makes implants up to 30% lighter than the standard silicone equivalent, achieving the same volume enhancement with 30% less weight. The gel is a microsphere-enhanced, cohesive, silicone gel. The microspheres are fixed in place physically and chemically providing form stable implants with a natural feel.

It is important to remember that each type of implant has its own advantages and there is no ‘better’ option. Your McIndoe specialist will guide you through the procedure and direct you towards the implantation technique that they believe will grant you the aesthetic appearance you desire.

Who are the Best Candidates for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Although breast augmentation is predominantly a cosmetic surgery, surgeons have the right to refuse performing surgery on candidates who are not suitable. The best candidates are those who understand the ins and outs of the procedure and are fully aware of what the surgery involves and the limitations that come with it.

Surgeons may refuse to perform the surgery if you:

  • Are under 18 years old.
  • Do not fully understand the procedure and the limitations.
  • Have unrealistic expectations of the outcome.
  • Are pregnant, breastfeeding or have an infection.

Are There Any Alternatives to Breast Augmentation?

There will always be alternatives to cosmetic surgeries, however their effectiveness and longevity rarely matches up to the results of professional surgery. Alternatives to breast augmentation vary in effectiveness and while some people have reported positive results, these are not necessarily backed-up by medical professionals.

If you have any questions on the alternatives of breast augmentation surgery, our team at McIndoe will happily arrange for you to see one of our breast augmentation specialists.

Recovery from Breast Augmentation Surgery

Fortunately, recovery from breast augmentation surgery in most cases is a quick and easy process. Some patients may remain in hospital overnight, while others may be able to go home on the day of surgery. If you have travelled from London, it is recommended that you arrange for someone to drive you home after surgery.

Depending on your line of work, patients are recommended to take a week (or two weeks depending on the patient off work to allow the body to heal in a safe and relaxed environment. Strenuous activity should be avoided for two weeks, as this may encourage swelling. Generally speaking, there is no need to worry about your recovery process, as your McIndoe specialist will outline in detail the steps required to ensure you make a full, healthy recovery.

Choosing Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

Choosing a specialist couldn’t be easier at The McIndoe Centre. Many of our patients travel down from London because of our exceptional levels of customer care, both before, during and after surgery. Our dedicated surgeons offer a 1-to-1 consultation, in which they discuss your medical past, your expectations and the surgical process, alongside aftercare treatment and any other questions or concerns that you may have.

Contact us Today

If you have any concerns about the surgery, or who will be performing it, you can always call The McIndoe Centre Helpline on 0800 917 4922. Or, if you would like a consultation with one of our specialist breast augmentation surgeons, feel free to fill out our contact form and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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