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Breast Implant Sizes: How To Choose The Right One

By Consultant Plastic, Burns & Reconstructive Surgeon Baljit Dheansa

Choosing the right breast implant is quite complex. It depends on quite a lot of factors, so it's very important to work with your surgeon to identify the best approach. The first thing you want to work out is what size you're going to be. This depends on whether you're tall, short and how much breast tissue you already have. It also depends on whether you want a mild enhancement or a 'fuller' breast. Working through that with your chosen surgeon will help guide you onto the next stage, which is the sizing process.

How To Choose The Right Size 

Many people have different ways of doing it. Some are as simple as your surgeon showing you different size examples of breast implants, which you place in your bra during the consultation. Other surgeons may have very complex systems, where they put implants on top of your breast and work through what things look like.

The system I use is very simple and it's something that I encourage patients to do at home and it's using pop socks filled with different volumes of rice. It means that you can trial different volumes very easily to assess what works best for you, all in the privacy of your own home.

By Consultant Plastic, Burns & Reconstructive Surgeon, Mr. Baljit Dheansa

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