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How your breasts can affect you in your 20's and 30's

Giving you back your confidence

You can choose from our team of female and male plastic surgeons who specialise in breast augmentation, reduction, uplift, asymetry, full and partial reconstruction and nipple correction.

Mrs Elena Prousskaia - Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon at The McIndoe Centre, discusses how breast surgery can help giving you back your confidence

In your twenties...

Small or asymmetrical breasts in girls and enlarged breasts in boys can severely affect confidence and the quality of life of young patients.  They cannot go to the beach or gym without being embarrassed about being different. Girls with asymmetrical or under developed breasts have to wear external prosthesis to balance their appearance in clothes. Boys wear tight garments all the year through, even in the summer under t-shirts, to reduce the volume of their large “female” looking breasts. Their personal life suffers because of a lack of self-confidence and embarrassment. 

Correction of tuberous breast(s) requires not only the use of implants but also breast tissue remodelling. In cases of severe deformity two stage procedures can be done. Firstly, a balloon called “an expander” is inserted and inflated gradually to stretch the skin to the desired size. After the desired size is achieved, the expander will be exchanged for an implant.

Male gynaecomastia can be corrected by liposuction sometimes combined with the excision of glandular tissue through a small periareolar incision. Scars are usually almost invisible. 

This type of surgery is usually a life-changing event for a young patient.  They can then start to go to the gym, to the beach and, overall, they come back to see me with a completely different outlook on life. It is highly satisfactory for me as a surgeon to help these people to regain their confidence. 

In your thirties...

Loss of breast volume and shape after breast-feeding comes as an unpleasant surprise. Maternity is hard work, but once a woman has time to look in the mirror again, it is when the drama starts. Some ladies lose a couple of cup sizes and end up literally with their breasts looking “empty”. It is frequently called “spaniel ears”. Normally the biggest worry is how they look when they take their clothes off. They feel like they have lost their femininity. 

Sometimes just tightening the loose skin can be enough, this technique is called a mastopexy, but in many cases combining it with an implant gives the patient the desired volume, fullness of the upper pole and “a nice cleavage”.

Our thanks to Mrs Elena Prousskaia Peregudova, FRCS (Plast), FEBOPRAS UK Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeon for providing this article.

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