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Lymphascial kinesiology taping to accelerate healing

What is lymphascial kinesiology taping?

Lymphascial taping is a method of applying the same type of tape used on athletes in sporting events, which has been specially adapted to work on the lymphatic system following surgery. It is applied following manual lymphatic drainage to maintain and continue the beneficial effects of the session. The tape effectively reduces swelling, pain and bruising to ensure your recovery is swift and more comfortable.

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How does it work?

Tapes are applied on an individual basis to gently lift the skin away from underlying tissues to reduce the painful pressure caused by swelling, increase nutrient rich blood flow and initiate lymphatic drainage, which is often suppressed by elevated pressure. Taping speeds and supports the body’s own natural healing processes by clearing swelling, debris and bruising from the surgical site.

Once applied, normal daily movement makes the tapes move and cause a natural lymphatic pump to accelerate healing and enhance aesthetic results. By making specific movements to wrinkle and straighten the tapes, lymphatic drainage is enhanced with very little effort.

Lymphascial taping by Clare Anvar

What are the benefits?

  • Reduces immediate post-operative pressure & swelling
  • Lessens pain & the need for medication
  • Swiftly absorbs bruising
  • Encourages regeneration of nerve and capillary networks
  • Assists with healthy scar formation
  • Promotes and improves nutrient rich blood flow
  • Limits hardening of tissues
  • Often decreases healing time by up to 50%
  • Accelerates aesthetic results
  • Enables a quicker return to work/ daily activities
  • Works in conjunction with, or instead of, compression garments
  • Once applied it acts as 24-hour therapy

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Frequently asked questions

The tape is made of high quality, medical grade cotton with non-latex elastic fibres. Elasticity is similar to that of human muscles (30–40% self-stretching). Its hypo-allergenic acryl adhesive backing is laid in a distinctive wave formation to reduce the risk of irritation and allow the skin to breathe. The adhesive is activated by body heat. The tape is air and water-permeable, while still being water resistant. Once fixed in place, the tape can be worn for many days, delivering 24- hour therapy, without any loss in the quality of its effect. Due to its skin friendly properties and with expert application, allergic reactions are extremely rare.

The tapes do not restrict movement and are left in place until they lift off. They do not interfere with daily activities and can be simply patted dry following showering and bathing. As the tape has been specifically designed to mimic the properties of skin and muscle elasticity, it is often not felt at all.

The sooner taping is applied following surgery, the more beneficial the results. Often, for uncomplicated recovery, one application is sufficient, depending on how well the tapes are looked after at home. However, two or more applications might be required if swelling or bruising are persistent or there are other complications or underlying health issues.

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