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Myofascial Release: all you need to know

Myofascial release is a system of gentle, manual stretching techniques used to change the consistency of myofascia, or connective tissue. Myofascial release enhances the repair of connective tissues, to speed aesthetically pleasing results. It minimises uneven & lumpy fibrosis (hardened areas) and promotes the smooth laying down of scar tissue.


  • Smoothes and blends uneven, congested or hardened tissues
  • Enhances results for fat transfer & fat grafting procedures
  • Assists with even formation of scar tissue
  • Reduces the appearance of hypertrophic or keloid scars
  • Frees movement limitations caused by scar adhesions

Myofascial release by Clare Anvar

How can Myofascial Release improve results?

As the natural, initial inflammation passes and tissues settle, new cell production occurs and fibre like cells secrete liquid and collagen into connective tissues (or myofascia) to form a new matrix to support new capillary, lymphatic and nerve networks. These cells organise and reorganise, healing wounds, stabilising tissues and forming initial scar tissue. At this stage, tissues can harden and appear lumpy or uneven. It is possible that scarring can become unsightly or does not lay flat (hypertrophic or keloid). 

Myofascial release has been specifically developed to address the consistency of connective tissues. It can reduce hardness or fibrosis, encourage even results, especially from liposuction, soften tissue texture and improve scarring of any age.

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