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National Eye Health Week

People often take their eyesight for granted, but with 2 million people in the UK living with sight loss severe enough to impact their daily activities, it is not something to be neglected.

This year’s National Eye Health Week, from 23 to 29 September, aims to promote the importance of eye care and regular eye tests.

With our ever-increasing busy lives it's tempting to skip regular eye check-ups, especially if we haven't noticed any changes to our sight. But whilst some eye conditions have noticeable symptoms, many are so minor they go under your radar and can silently damage your eyes. If left untreated, they can threaten your sight.

Five common eye conditions:
1. Cataracts
2. Dry eye
3. Glaucoma
4. Conjunctivitis
5. Age related macular degeneration (AMD)

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With 50% of sight loss being avoidable, there are many steps you can take. 

The NHS recommends having an eye test every two years, even if there is no change in vision. Having regular eye tests is important, not just for picking up changes in your vision and your prescription for glasses or contact lenses, but also other underlying health conditions and causes of irritation.

The key factors to maintaining healthy eyes are to eat well, drink within the recommended limits, don’t smoke and protect your eyes from the sun.

To find out if you could be doing more to protect your vision, answers these quick questions: www.visionmatters.org.uk

If you are concerned about any aspect of your vision at any time, visit your optician or GP.

Free Information Evening

Vision correction: What are my options?

If you are interested in vision correction treatment, Consultant Ophthalmic, Corneal and Refractive Samer Hamada be presenting a talk on the treatment options available at The McIndoe Centre.

» WEDNESDAY 30 October 2019   from 6:30

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