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The benefits of a Dental Implant

Many people are opting for dental implants to improve their quality of life, and the appearance of their smile. There are a number of ways in which this procedure can be used to help bring a smile back to your face.

Single tooth

Implants are an ideal solution to close the gap left by a single missing  tooth, improving aesthetics and functionality when eating and drinking.

Large Gaps

In these cases, too, implants provide an ideal alternative to conventional methods. The implants serve as additional support abutments for carrying a bridge to fill large gaps from numerous missing teeth.

Toothless jaws

Implants can be utilised in two ways if there are no teeth left. Dental implants are often used as rigid support for bar-borne removable dentures which are both light-weight and completely stable.

Alternatively, up to 12 implants can be placed, onto which is attached a permanent bridge. Implants are inserted painlessly using a gentle surgical procedure, usually under local anaesthetic. The implant is inserted by a consultant oral surgeon and the wound is closed.

For 6-12 weeks, dental implants are left undisturbed so that the bone can remodel around the implant providing a strong bond. The healing process will be continually monitored to assess the bonding process.

The Team for Advanced Oral implants (TAO) use International Team for Implantology (ITI) implants, and therefore no further surgical procedures are required.

Your replacement teeth are created by our technicians to accurately match the shade, shape and contour of your surrounding teeth. Several million patients worldwide have benefited from the placement of dental implants and implantology has now developed into an acceptable alternative to "conventional" treatment.

When dealt with correctly, implants can offer an attractive and permanent solution to the problem of tooth loss. This will result in patient satisfaction and a truly enhanced quality of life.

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