By Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Marc Pacifico

Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The McIndoe Centre, Mr Marc Pacifico MD FRCS (Plast) talks about overcoming the signs of ageing using a variety of facial rejuvenation techniques. 

The ageing process affects us all sooner or later and, as a Plastic Surgeon, I see patients daily who are distressed and concerned that the person looking back at them in the mirror is not the person they feel they are.  As a result there is a very wide variety of treatments that we can now offer in the modern setting to rejuvenate the face, improve tired appearances and telltale signs of ageing. 

Today, there is no need for an appearance that shows you have had “work done” and all procedures should have the goal of not only being safe and effective but also very natural in appearance.  These range from treatment to the eyes and brows through to treatments that can improve the jowls and the dreaded “turkey neck”.

The gold standard of facial rejuvenation is still a facelift, which can now be done in such a way that the scars are very well hidden. There is no obvious way to tell that someone has had a facelift and the result is very natural, not only when the person is at rest but also when they are talking and smiling.  A variety of facelift techniques are possible but there is no “one size fits all” approach, the right technique has to be determined after examining you and discussing your wishes and expectations.  Sometimes facelifts can be performed with you awake under local anaesthetic but more commonly, and for the more comprehensive facelifts that address the ageing neck as well as the face, they are performed with you asleep.  This also allows for the opportunity to address other aspects of the face at the same time, such as the eyes and the brow if needed.

If a facelift is more than you have been contemplating then there are lesser surgical interventions and non-surgical interventions that can be undertaken. These range from wrinkle relaxing injections that can brighten and freshen the eyes through to dermal fillers.  Whilst dermal fillers have become best known for pumping up lips, which don’t have to result in the infamous “trout pout”, they are also known for filling out nose to mouth lines.  Modern use of fillers also includes reshaping the face in very subtle and natural ways to enhance cheekbones and to reshape chins.

Finally, local anaesthetic, aesthetic surgical procedures have revolutionised plastic surgery over recent years.  The mainstay of these remains eyelid lifts, which produce brighter, fresher appearances with hard to see scars.  In addition, other procedures can be done to the lips, ears and much more!

I am proud to undertake many procedures at The McIndoe Centre in East Grinstead, West Sussex, which offers specialist expertise in cosmetic plastic surgery and where patient satisfaction is the highest priority. 

Mr Marc Pacifico MD FRCS(Plast) is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at The McIndoe Centre. His particular areas of interest include plastic surgery to the face and breast, as well as body contouring surgery. The look Mr Pacifico aims to achieve is a natural, fresh look, in all areas of aesthetic surgery. He recognizes the continuum between non-surgical and surgical techniques, using all available options to formulate a bespoke treatment plan for every individual.
Page last reviewed on 14/11/2014

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