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Has your self-confidence been affected by inverted nipples? Maybe you are looking for nipple reconstruction following mastectomy. Nipple surgery is a simple solution that can make you feel good ... both inside and out.

Nipple reconstruction can be carried out in the minor operations room in our Outpatient department, under a local anaesthetic. For some women, inverted nipples can be cause for embarrassment. They can be easily treated with a small incision, also under a local anaesthetic. 

How long will it take?

Both procedures take around 30-60 minutes for both nipples.

What can I expect?

Dressings are applied to the area stay on for 1-2 weeks but reviewed after 1 week.
Minimal discomfort may be experienced which can be easily controlled with painkillers of your choice.
Bathing/showering is allowed so long as care is taken not to get the dressings wet.
Sun block should be worn for 18-24 months over the affected area as although clothing will be worn, sun can still burn through the clothing.

Special Notes

You may drive yourself home if you wish but you are NOT exempt from wearing your seatbelt.

Surgical Outpatients

Treatment Cost
Nipple surgery – inverted nipple, reconstruction following mastectomy (excludes tattoo cost) £1200

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