Neck Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction procedures remain the second most popular cosmetic surgery behind breast augmentation. According to statistics, over 250,000 people opted to have liposuction in 2017 and over 53,000 neck liposuction procedures were performed.

What is Neck Liposuction?

Neck liposuction is a liposuction procedure that focuses on enhancing the appearance of your neck by removing excess fat in order to create and shape a more defined jawline. The result is a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance to the neck. This procedure is not to be confused with a neck lift, which focuses on removing excess skin and tightening sagging neck muscles.

Neck liposuction is commonly combined with facelift procedures, but this is not compulsory. Speaking your surgeon will help you decide whether you would like to combine these surgeries. You may find that combining the two will benefit the overall symmetry, and therefore the appearance of your neck and face.

What does Neck Liposuction Involve?

Your treatment begins with a consultation with your chosen surgeon. This is arguably the most important part of your treatment journey because here you will be able to ask questions and talk about your desired results. Your surgeon will also make markings on your neck to give you an indication of how the skin will be tightened, what skin will be removed and how your neck may will look post-procedure.

The procedure is carried out under general anaesthetic and begins with your surgeon making small incisions under the chin. Then, as with every liposuction procedure, a cannula will be used to remove fat deposits and begin sculpting an improved neck contour. In some cases, ultrasound microwaves or a laser may be used to help break up stubborn fat cells. The incisions are then closed and left to heal.

How Long does Neck Liposuction Take?

Neck liposuction typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the extent of your treatment. However, this will be discussed during the consultation with your chosen surgeon.

How Much is Neck Liposuction?

The price of your neck liposuction procedure will depend on the extent of your treatment. However, you can expect to pay around £2,000 to £4,000 for neck liposuction.

Choosing your Surgeon

Choosing your surgeon is one of the most important parts of your surgical process. Liposuction procedures are very personal, so it’s important to take time over your decision and ensure you feel comfortable with your chosen surgeon.

As neck liposuction is an elective surgery, it’s unlikely that it will be covered by your insurance. However, The McIndoe Centre are able to help with financing your neck liposuction treatment.

All consultants at The McIndoe Centre are fully accredited and are on the specialist register of the General Medical Council. A number of our consultants who specialise in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery are also members of leading professional bodies such as BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons) or BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons).

Neck Liposuction Aftercare

Post-surgery, you are required to stay overnight so our team can monitor your progress. Minor bruising around the neck is to be expected but this will heal after ten days, and your stitches will be removed a few weeks after the operation. You can expect there to be some tenderness around your jaw and neck area and you may experience minor discomfort due to the tightness of your skin. This is completely normal and is part of the healing process.

We advise all patients to ask questions after your surgery to ensure you leave our clinic understanding your aftercare routine.

What are the Benefits of Neck Liposuction?

The main benefit of neck liposuction is that it leaves your neck with a healthier, thinner appearance. The results of neck liposuction are long-lasting and patients are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure the results of surgery are kept.

Can Neck Liposuction be Combined with Other Surgeries?

We often find that most patients would benefit from a combination of neck liposuction and skin reduction to help further reduce fat deposits and tighten loose skin. However, this will be discussed during your surgical consultation and it is not compulsory to combine surgeries.

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