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Payment information

Who is responsible for the payment?

Whether insured, (3rd party i.e. solicitors / companies / charities) or paying for your own treatment, responsibility for the settlement of the consultant's, anaesthetists and hospital charges always remains with the patient.

If insured, payment will be made by your insurance company following discharge. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that they approve payment in advance of admission. If you are in any doubt about the type or level of your cover, please contact them to ensure that your cover is valid for the treatment planned. In the event of any shortfall, the hospital will require settlement from you.

Personal items such as telephone charges, newspapers, alcoholic or soft drinks, visitors' refreshments and meals are not covered by health insurance or by any self pay scheme and you will be billed separately by the hospital for such miscellaneous items. These charges are payable or discharge.

What is an admission agreement?

A form, to be signed by you on admission, confirming that payment for your hospital treatment will be made either by yourself or your insurance company.

Insurance cover and exclusions

These depend on your level of cover and the insurance company that you are insured with. Your insurance company may exclude certain medical conditions, they may have a limit on the treatment your consultant has prescribed or on the reimbursement for accommodation or other services. We cannot emphasis enough the importance of contacting your insurance company before admission to check that you are adequately covered.

Your insurance company will also advise you if you need to complete one of their standard claim forms. If so, your consultant or in some cases your GP, must complete and sign this document giving details of your treatment. Without this signed form, your insurance company will not make payment to the hospital and you will be liable to settle the bill.

Please ensure your insurance claim form has been completed and returned to your insurer prior to your admission, and please keep a copy yourself as the details will be useful to the hospital on admission.

Some insurance companies no longer issue claim forms, and will pre-authorise treatment over the telephone confirming details in writing to you prior to your admission. Please bring this authorisation number with you to the hospital.

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