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Presentations announced for Friday 27th September at the Sussex Woman Show

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As main sponsors of the Sussex Woman Show, 27 & 28 September at Brighton Racecourse the specialist team at The McIndoe Surgical Centre will be hosting a number of presentations in the seminar area of the Grandstand Hall.

Friday 27th September  

Time                      10.45 am

Presenter               Jan Hoult

Title                       Let me make a visible difference to your life      

Perfect for ladies that want eye brows that wow, beautiful lips, lashes or semi -permanent eye liner for a smudge free morning.

Treatment advice for alopecia, burns and scarring will also be covered.


Time                     12.45 pm

Presenter            Claire Judge

Title                       Lovely Legs

If you are longing for lovely legs but suffer from unsightly veins,  thread vein removal could be the answer. 


Time                      14.15 pm

Presenter            Peter Arnstein

Title                      Cosmetic Surgery

Peter Arnstein our very own Extreme Makeover and Embarrassing Bodies Surgeon will give you an overview of the benefits of safe and sensible cosmetic surgery.


Time                     16.15 pm

Presenter            Hazel Everest

Title                      Warts and (all!) 

The one stop wart and verucca  treatment . Yes, it really can be achieved. Hazel will explain how her technique works and has helped many sufferers both old and young. 

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