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Plus-size breasts make many women feel self-conscious and embarrassed - bigger isn't always better. Breast reduction surgery can restore body confidence and provide a firmer appearance, helping you feel great about yourself inside and out.

For many women suffering the effects of overly large breasts, a breast reduction can offer relief, a new shape and reinvigorated confidence. Physical problems such as back and neck pain or bad posture can be improved through such a procedure.
Breast reduction surgery involves your surgeon removing excess fatty tissue and skin from your breasts. Our consultant surgeon will then re-shape and re-position your breasts to lift and firm them. It may also be necessary to re-position your nipples to compliment your new breast shape and create a natural result. Depending on the amount of reduction needed, the surgeon will use different incisions, resulting in various scars. This will be discussed fully at your consultation. Your surgeon may place drains either side of your breasts, which are usually removed the day after surgery, and though you will have some scarring, it will fade significantly over time.
The operation will be performed under a general anaesthetic and you will usually need to stay in the hospital for two nights.
When it's time for you to leave hospital, you will be given a follow up appointment with your consultant, and/or the dressing clinic for the removal of any stitches, together with any medication prescribed.
Breast reduction patients are recommended to have a couple of weeks off work after surgery to ensure time to rest and recover comfortably at home. Any strenuous work or activity should be avoided for several weeks.

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Treatment Cost
Breast Reduction (bilateral) £5665

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