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Reconstructive Surgery


Procedures : Reconstructive surgery for burns and scarring

Treatment performed by consultant plastic surgeon Mr Baljit Dheansa


In 2005 a young Kenyan lady was brought to The McIndoe Centre after becoming a victim of an unprovoked acid attack in her home country.


Her injuries were horrific and surgeons knew they would have a long road ahead of them to help Sundeep Hunjan progress after this vicious attack.


Surgeon Baljit Dheansa performed many operations on Sundeeps’ scarred face to try and release the tension in the skin and help her to eat, drink and speak in relative comfort again. A silicon balloon was also inserted under her hair-bearing skin on the scalp and was slowly injected with saline to expand it over several months. This allowed enough extra hair-bearing skin to cover the 25% that had been burnt off.


In addition another surgeon at The McIndoe Centre, Mr Raman Malhotra, worked on restoring Sundeep’s vision.


The process is ongoing and Sundeep still needs further surgeries to help her live comfortable and effectively in her daily work and home life.


If anyone would like to make a donation to Sundeep's fund they can e-mail  for further details.

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