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Refurbishment Programme

Progress report April'16 - The McIndoe Centre Refurbishment

Following the purchase of the McIndoe Centre last summer and the sensible imposition of a three month period of no change, the first stages of the refurbishment and reconfiguration project have been commenced and the first phase of additional accommodation is about to be handed over for occupation.

The previously incomplete rear extension, together with a void area at the first floor have been cleared; structural strengthening work and necessary remedial fire protection has been undertaken and a new suite of offices including a new conference room are due to be handed over next month.

To meet the aspirations of clinical colleagues and working with Stryker, the suppliers of equipment to the new theatre suites, the new conference room will be equipped to receive and broadcast live images from the theatre visualisation systems including interactive communication with operating teams. Horder Healthcare’s ability to provide live and interactive links to theatres will allow us to engage in a wide range of educational and outreach programmes locally, nationally and internationally. Full video conferencing, including live streams from the McIndoe Centre theatres will link directly to the Horder Centre to facilitate joint meetings and strengthen the links between the two hospitals.

While early building works carried out at the McIndoe Centre have focused on necessary tasks providing safe access to the site for construction traffic and personnel; improving structural stability; enhancing fire safety and investigating, clearing and improving below ground drains, our focus is now firmly on the main task of modernisation and refurbishment.

Medical Air Technology (MAT) will provide clean ventilation systems including the first installation of their new Eco-flow screenless canopy into theatres 1 and 3, giving Horder Healthcare the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of the world’s most energy efficient screenless clean zone and more importantly providing the opportunity to extend Orthopaedic surgery to the McIndoe Centre and better support advanced plastic surgery. All three theatres will be equipped by Stryker, continuing our long established successful relationship, allowing full digital integration of operating equipment and, in conjunction with the screenless clean zone, complete flexibility for operating teams. 

Detailed design of the first theatre is nearing completion and works are already in hand to fully segregate the construction site and to strip out theatre 1 in readiness for the new installation. The majority of heavy plant is in production and we expect to be able to open the brand new theatre 1 to our first patients in early July. New theatre offices have been handed over recently and the enlargement and refurbishment of theatre storage areas is continuing. Refurbishment of the remaining theatres and recovery room is currently being planned in detail and the second and subsequent phases to complete the theatre suite will immediately follow completion of the first.

Our team have been working closely with Medical Imaging Partnership (MIP), our existing partners in providing diagnostic imaging services at Crowborough and Seaford, to develop a new x-ray room. Works are well underway to enable the installation of equipment next month and following systems testing and training we will be able to provide a full service to patients by the middle of May. Through careful preparation, our original plan to provide a temporary x-ray facility has been refined so that the works we are currently undertaking will be permanent, ideally located to serve outpatients and in-patients well into the future.

Work to plan the out-patient area, together with an investigation of the opportunities to provide enhance Ophthalmology services are ongoing and are being shared with stakeholders. A standard model for outpatient consultation rooms has been prepared and the first rooms will be refurbished in the coming period, ahead of the more general remodelling of the entire department.

As work in outpatients is likely to cause the main reception to be reconfigured in the longer term, we have decided to replace the existing furniture and improve lighting and decoration only at this stage, but those changes are expected to be made in the coming weeks, co-ordinated with the delivery of new furniture.

Though the old McIndoe Centre will remain recognisable for some time yet to come, the impact of positive change and improvement will very shortly be strongly felt.

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