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Thread veins are very small, abnormally dilated blood vessels and will be red/blue in colour. They can be found very close to the surface of the skin and are often found on the legs. Thread veins are not the same as varicose veins; these are much larger and require further investigation and different treatments. It is possible to have a combination of both types of veins. Generally it is better to treat the larger veins first.

In some cases removal of these veins may improve the cosmetic appearance of the thread veins without requiring any further therapy.

Why do I get these veins?

The causes are mainly unknown, however:

  • They are usually inherited
  • Hormonal changes for example with pregnancy and HRT may increase their likelihood
  • Trauma/surgery to the legs may cause an eruption of thread veins
  • Standing occupations may increase the incidence of these small veins
  • They become more prominent and numerous with increasing age

The procedure: 

  • The nurse practitioner will ask you to lie down then inject a solution using a tiny needle into the veins, this causes the vein to swell and become sticky.
  • You will feel a tiny prick from the needle and shouldn’t feel uncomfortable.
  • A compression is then applied to close the veins. Depending on the size of the veins treated you should expect to wear the compression from between 24 – 72 hours continuously  and then during the day for a further two to seven days
  • Over a period of time your vein will heal and be absorbed naturally into your body and fade away.

What to expect after first treatement

Patients usually see an improvement in the appearance of their thread veins within two to three months after their first treatment. Although every patient is difference and results will therefore vary. With some patients veins may disappear completely whilst others may fade and some may remain unchanged.

It is therefore usually recommended that the patient receives two session of treatmentOnce treatment is completed, you can expect between 70% and 80% improvement in the overall appearance of the affected area.

Whilst we cannot promise our patients perfect legs we can offer a simple procedure that will provide enough improvement to boost your self confidence.

Initial consultation with a Vein Specialist (aded by ultrasound) is £200 and will include a clinical examination and full and frank discussion regarding the treatment, potential side effects and likely outcomes. 

Surgical Outpatients

Treatment Cost
Micro-Sclerotherapy for Thread Vein Treatment £220
Follow Up session for Thread Vein Treatment £200

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