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Often referred to as 'keyhole surgery', a hip arthroscopy is a treatment used to diagnose, examine and treat previously undiagnosed hip pain and discomfort. As the incisions and instruments used in the procedure are very thin, this ultimately results in less pain and a quicker recovery. 

Hip arthroscopy can be recommended if you have a painful hip condition that cannot be treated in any other way. It can also be used to diagnose a problem. Your surgeon will insert a camera into your hip joint then use tiny instruments to make small incisions depending on what needs to be done. Hip arthroscopy is normally performed under general anaesthetic and you can usually go home the same day.

Keyhole surgery may reduce the amount of pain you feel and allow you to recover more quickly because it is less invasive than open surgery.

Depending on the surgery you’ve had, you may need to use crutches and you might not be fully weight bearing immediately after your operation. Your surgeon will advise when you can stop using crutches. You should be able to walk relatively pain-free after eight weeks, but it could take up to six months to be back to your former fitness level. The length of time needed off work will depend on pain levels and your type of job.

As with all surgical procedures, there can be some risks. At The McIndoe Centre, we do everything we can to minimise risk of complications. Your surgeon will talk to you about any possible specific complications before you decide to have your operation.

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