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Many women are happy with the size and shape of their breasts but would prefer them to look firmer and more pert-looking. A Mastopexy, or breast uplift surgery, can help with this.

 A Mastopexy procedure modifies the size, contour, and elevation of the breast in order to restore firmness.

Why might you need breast uplift surgery?

Breast uplift surgery is ideal for women who want their breasts to be more pert and less saggy. A Mastopexy can also be used to restore the shape of youthful looking breasts after ageing, pregnancy or weight loss.

What are the benefits of breast uplift surgery?

Ideal for restoring firmness to the breasts, a Mastopexy is also great for combating the effects of ageing. Some of the benefits include:

  • Creating a firmer, more pert breast shape
  • Restoring body confidence
  • Fighting the effects of ageing or weight loss

What does breast uplift surgery involve?

During the procedure, the surgeon will create a cut around the areola to remove excess tissue and tighten the surrounding skin. The breast will then be reshaped and the nipple repositioned to a natural level. Breast uplift surgery can be combined with breast augmentation if required.

The Mastopexy will be performed under general anaesthetic and usually takes two to three hours.

As with any surgical procedure, there is always a risk of complications. Specific complications include:

  • Scarring, though these usually fade over time
  • Loss of nipple sensation
  • Unevenness in breast size or shape

Recovery Time

Following the procedure, you will need to remain in the hospital for one or two nights. It is recommended that you take a week off work and avoid any strenuous activity for at least three weeks.

Treatment Cost

Your surgeon will discuss your individual case, including costs and treatments, with you during your consultation.

Treatment Stage Consultant Fees Hospital Fees
Breast uplift (unilateral) Breast uplift (bilateral)
Initial Consultation £110.00
Main treatment £4,150.00 £5,440.00
Post-discharge care Included Included
Subtotals £110.00 £4,150.00 £5,440.00
Total £4,260.00 £5,550.00
Mastopexy unilateral / bilateral

Last updated: 06/06/2017

Treatment Stage Consultant Fees Hospital Fees
Breast Uplift and Enlargement (bilateral)
Initial Consultation £110.00
Main treatment £7,412.00
Post-discharge care Included
Subtotals £110.00 £7,412.00
Total £7,522.00
excluding implants

The guide price is correct as of 2nd June 2017

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