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At The McIndoe Centre, we can help if you are concerned about mouth lesions (ulcers), whether the area has become painful or you are in need of reassurance. Our specialist consultants are dedicated to finding the best treatment to suit your individual needs.

Lesions inside of the mouth can make eating and drinking uncomfortable, especially if they are painful. If the lesion has not subsided within a week or two, it is recommended that you seek medical advice. Patients most susceptible to developing mouth lesions are adolescent women, particularly if there is a history in the family. Mouth lesions can be extremely painful. Some of the benefits you can expect following treatment include:

  • Eating and drinking becoming more comfortable
  • Less chance of more mouth lesions forming
  • Reduced risk of long-term scarring when treated early

Our highly skilled oral and maxillofacial surgeons are able to advise you about white patches in the mouth (leukoplakia), salivary gland problems, tongue lesions or any intra-oral condition you may be worried about. If a biopsy is recommended, this can be performed immediately under local anaesthetic, taking only 20 minutes; alleviating any worries about the wait.

A small sample of tissue will be taken and diagnosed under a microscope - the patient may experience some discomfort in the mouth, similar to that of an ulcer, and suffer from bleeding or infection. The consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeons are also available to advise on any skin lesions on the head and neck that you may be concerned about

As a biopsy is a minor procedure requiring local anaesthetic, the patient can leave the hospital and go home as soon as they feel comfortable enough to do so; returning to normal activities immediately.

Guide prices are available here. It is important to note that these prices are just a guide and treatment costs will vary according to your unique needs. The full pricing options will be discussed with you during your initial consultation. 

We’d be delighted if you wanted to arrange a consultation with us. Please call the Helpline on 0800 917 4922 for free and professional advice or submit a contact form here for more information.

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