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The rotator cuff, which is made up of four muscles and tendons that attach your arm to the top of your shoulder blade, allows you to lift your arm and reach up. If the rotator cuff is torn, then normal shoulder movement becomes painful.

If the tear is small, then physiotherapy or a steroid injection may help but if the tear is large then surgery may be the only option to try and get strength back in the shoulder.

During the operation, your surgeon will remove any thickened tissue, release any tight tissue and shave off some bone. Sometimes the rotator cuff will be repaired using stitches that anchor it into the bone. Shoulder surgery is normally performed under a general anaesthetic with the operation taking between 45 minutes and an hour. You can usually go home the same day.

Any stitches or clips are removed about one to two weeks after the operation and regular exercise should help you to return to normal activities as soon as possible, but it can take up to a year.

As with all surgical procedures, there can be some risks. At The McIndoe Centre, we do everything we can to minimise risk of complications. Your surgeon will talk to you about any possible specific complications before you decide to have your operation. 

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