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Reconstructive Surgery


Procedure : Reconstructive breast surgery using the TUG technique

Treatment performed by consultant plastic surgeons Miss Anita Hazari and Mr Martin Jones

Consultants: Anita Hazari & Martin Jones


At 26, Vikki was diagnosed with DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma in Situ). Having seen other family members battling cancer Vikki made the brave decision to undergo a bilateral mastectomy.


At the time she chose not to have immediate reconstructive surgery because the only option available to her then was to use the muscle and tissue from her back along with artificial implants. Sport and physical activity were important so she did not want to risk losing any muscular strength in her upper body. Being a confident person Vikki chose to live with a prosthesis instead.


Four years down the line however, Vikki realised that it actually presented her with more problems than anticipated during sports etc and by chance heard of reconstruction using your own tissue from your thigh.


Miss Anita Hazari and Mr Martin Jones performed the surgery at The McIndoe Centre and within a couple of days of surgery she put on a bra. “I can’t explain how amazed and happy I felt. You would not have known that they weren’t my original breasts. Six days later I was discharged from hospital with a pair of beautiful breasts that looked and felt natural.”

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