Cosmetic surgery: Everything you need to consider

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, here are some top tips for a successful surgery:

Be informed - Research the procedure you are planning to have.  This will make sure you are well prepared and know what to expect.

Talk to your GP - They will have no interest other than your personal welfare, so many doctors are happy to advise patients and not be judgemental about something which many people feel sensitive and vulnerable about.

Find out about the hospital - Your GP may be able to make recommendations but all hospitals should provide details of the services they offer, the cost as well as information on making comments, complaints or suggestions.

Know your surgeon - Make sure your consultation is with the surgeon who will perform your procedure. Feel free to ask your surgeon about his or her experience in performing the specific procedure you are planning to have. It is important, particularly if you are having an unusual or complicated procedure that you are confident about the skills of your surgeon.

At the consultation - Ask the surgeon to talk you through all aspects of the procedure including aftercare and make sure any queries you have are answered before you proceed.

Beware of free consultations and avoid booking fees and non-refundable deposits - a typical feature of many commercial clinics.

Will the hospital charge you if you have to cancel your procedure? The McIndoe Centre and other reputable hospitals will not charge a cancellation fee, providing you cancel in advance.

Know what to do if something goes wrong. Ask the hospital at the outset what their procedure is in correcting any problems or offering further treatment if you are unhappy with the result. Cosmetic surgery hospitals and clinics are required to have a written policy and procedures for handling complaints and they should be happy to explain these to you.

Remember you can always change your mind. The fundamental reason for the surgery is to make you feel better about yourself, and if this is compromised, surgery should not proceed.

Is cosmetic surgery right for me?

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, it is important to make preparations and know what to expect.

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