Reconstructive Surgery

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Reconstructive Surgery at The McIndoe Centre

The McIndoe Centre was built as a legacy to the pioneering surgeon that established the very first reconstructive techniques for the burn injuries of World War II servicemen. Today we provide our patients with safe, transparent and life-changing treatment.

Reconstructive surgery is performed to repair the body, restoring function and appearance. It is used to treat a range of conditions, from diseases and infections such as cancer, to trauma and burns which can cause extensive damage to the body, greatly impairing an individual's quality of life both physically and mentally.

We provide

A Centre of Excellence for reconstructive surgery in the Southeast of England

The choice of 25 renowned consultants, many with international reputations at the forefront of reconstructive and plastic surgery

The latest technology combined with specialised theatre and nursing teams

Reconstructive surgery procedures

Choosing The Best Cosmetic Surgeon

Whether you are looking to get a plastic - or cosmetic procedure, you should always do your research beforehand. Both surgeries can completely transform your appearance, so you want to make sure you are open to this change.

You should ensure that the clinic is CQC registered and the surgeons are GMC qualified and belong to either BAAPS or BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgeons). Our consultants have been handpicked because of their surgical skills and experience within the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery. It is also recommended that you book a consultation to ask any questions you may have before going ahead with the procedure.

At The McIndoe Centre, we are proud to say we are a CQC registered clinic with a team of highly qualified surgeons. We take pride in delivering the highest standard of surgical care and results that last a lifetime. We offer a range of cosmetic and plastic surgery options and would love to be part of your journey. Don’t hesitate to book a consultation via our website to speak to one of your friendly consultants. We look forward to hearing from you.

Things to check

That the clinic is CQC registered

The surgeon is GMC qualified

The surgeon belongs to BAAPS or BAPRAS